25/7 Scoria

25/7 Scoria is a clean drainage scoria commonly used around drain coil and behind retaining walls. Its size is from 25mm down to 7mm.

50/20 Scoria

50/20 Scoria is a clean drainage scoria commonly used behind retaining walls. Its size is from 50mm down to 20mm.

Block Layers Sand

Block Layers sand is suitable for mixing mortars for block laying and also plaster mixes for paving or concrete block wall finishes.

Builders Mix

A mix of sand and high quality aggregate ideal for mixing with cement for any concreting jobs.

Drainage Metal

A substitute for scoria in certain parts of the country. It is a clean metal commonly used around drain coil and behind retaining walls. Its size is from 20mm - 40mm in diameter. 
Waiheke Island yard has a 7/14, 20/40 and 40/60 drainage metal. 
Silverdale has a 20/40 drainage metal.

East Coast Sand


Great for sand pits, on top of paving and mortar.



East Coast Sand is a an east coast beach sand. It is washed but will still contain salt content. It has a very even grading of particle size, which gives you smaller voids and therefore stronger products and is hugely popular with brick layers and for plastering manholes etc. We also sell hundreds of bags of this product each year for kids sandpits, why? Simple, it makes the best sandcastles!


Features and Benefits:

  • Washed
  • With its dense consistancy it makes great mortar
  • Great for sand pits!

GAP 20

GAP 20 metal is commonly used for driveways, pathways, or as a base course for concrete & paving. Once compacted Gap 20 binds together very well.

GAP 40

  • GAP 40 Metal is most commonly used for a base under metal driveways, under paving or as a base layer under concrete.


GAP 7 is a fine metal which is generally used and compacted under pavers or as a base layer before laying concrete.


Limestone hoggin is a decorative fine white chip with fines in it which allow it to compact very well, ideal for pathways entertaining areas when you are looking for semi permeable finish.

No. 1 Paving Sand

Paving sand is a clean washed fine river sand suitable for paving finished levels prior to paver placement and also children sand pits.

No. 3 Pumice Sand

Pumice sand is ideal for mixing with soils or garden mixes to help with drainage.

Sap 7 Scoria

Sap 7 is commonly used for putting underneath pipes or drain coil. It can also be used for levelling under paving stones and concrete. Sap 7 is no more than 7mm in diameter.

Woodhill Black Sand

Black Sand has high iron content and is sourced from the West Coast of Auckland. It is commonly used for levelling areas before laying concrete or mixing with topsoil to help create better drainage when establishing a new lawn.

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