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Protect wet areas with GIB Aqualine® - New Zealand's No 1 wet area lining*.

  • Steam and moisture damage in wet area rooms can be disastrous, expensive and time consuming to repair.  That’s why more specifiers and builders use GIB Aqualine® in bathrooms, laundries and kitchens that any other linings.*  They know that its water resistant core containing special polymers to help prevent steam and moisture penetration is the best insurance against future liability and expensive call-backs.  What’s more, the performance of GIB Aqualine® is independently verified by BRANZ Appraisal.
  • GIB Aqualine® is New Zealand's number 1 tiling substrate used in bathrooms*as a tiling substrate in bathrooms*. Its fibreglass core gives added strength that easily supports the weight of tiles to provide a solid, stable backing. Plus its outstanding dimensional stability means it will not move with changes in moisture. 10mm GIB Aqualine® can be used for ceramic tiles up to 20kg/m2 and 13mm GIB Aqualine® can be used for ceramic tiles up to 32kg/m2. Over 90% of wall tiles comprise ceramic or porcelain tiles; and most ceramic and porcelain tiles weigh less than 20kg/m2.
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WATER ABSORPTION TEST: These photographs show what happens when GIB Aqualine® (green surface paper) and GIB® Standard plasterboard (white surface paper) are soaked in coloured water for two hours. The core of the standard plasterboard has absorbed the water, while the core of GIB Aqualine® is relatively unaffected.  



Since re-engineering GIB® Standard 10mm and 13mm in 2010, its strength, flexibility, and reputation for ease of installation and long lasting quality have been well proven on building sites nationwide. Simply put, it’s the new standard for building peace of mind. And that means you can build, and move onto your next project, with confidence.


What makes GIB® Standard the new standard?


The new standard in performance.

Built-in high performance makes it suitable for multiple uses: maintains bracing performance of GS1 and GS2 systems and ceiling diaphragms as presented in GIB EzyBrace® Systems 2011; and can be used in GIB® Fire Rated and GIB® Noise Control Systems.


The new standard for ceilings.

Thicker 13mm GIB® Standard plasterboard is recommended for use on ceilings for a better quality finish, especially where wet and humid conditions mean ceiling sag can be amplified. Used in ceilings it can withstand distributed loads up to 3.0kg/m2 easily supporting loads such as R5.0 insulation.

GIB® Standard plasterboard is an economical lining material available in 10mm and 13mm thicknesses.

• 10mm GIB® Standard plasterboard is suitable for walls

• Thicker and more rigid 13mm GIB® Standard plasterboard is recommended for ceilings as its less prone to sagging than 10mm plasterboard in a ceiling application

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Imported Plaster Board 2400X1200X10MM

Imported Plaster Board 2400X1200X10MM

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