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Protect wet areas with GIB Aqualine® - New Zealand's No 1 wet area lining*.

  • Steam and moisture damage in wet area rooms can be disastrous, expensive and time consuming to repair.  That’s why more specifiers and builders use GIB Aqualine® in bathrooms, laundries and kitchens that any other linings.*  They know that its water resistant core containing special polymers to help prevent steam and moisture penetration is the best insurance against future liability and expensive call-backs.  What’s more, the performance of GIB Aqualine® is independently verified by BRANZ Appraisal.
  • GIB Aqualine® is New Zealand's number 1 tiling substrate used in bathrooms*as a tiling substrate in bathrooms*. Its fibreglass core gives added strength that easily supports the weight of tiles to provide a solid, stable backing. Plus its outstanding dimensional stability means it will not move with changes in moisture. 10mm GIB Aqualine® can be used for ceramic tiles up to 20kg/m2 and 13mm GIB Aqualine® can be used for ceramic tiles up to 32kg/m2. Over 90% of wall tiles comprise ceramic or porcelain tiles; and most ceramic and porcelain tiles weigh less than 20kg/m2.
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WATER ABSORPTION TEST: These photographs show what happens when GIB Aqualine® (green surface paper) and GIB® Standard plasterboard (white surface paper) are soaked in coloured water for two hours. The core of the standard plasterboard has absorbed the water, while the core of GIB Aqualine® is relatively unaffected.  

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