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GIB® Paper Joint Tape is spark-perforated.

Joint tape provides critical strength to joints between plasterboard sheets. Paper joint tape provides great sheer strength that can't be achieved with mesh tapes. Joints are subject to structural movement (eg frame movement) and therefore it is important to select the appropriate joint tape and compounds.

Spark-perforated refers to tiny holes that are fired into the tape through electrical charge. The perforations allow air to pass through the tape, reducing the chance of blisters. The small spark-perforated holes leave more of the paper's inherent strength intact (as opposed to slotted perforations), resulting in better tensile strength and improved crack resistance. In addition, the sparked holes are cleaner, allowing for a smoother finish. Fibreglass mesh tape simply do not have satisfactory shear strength in most circumstances.

GIB® Paper Joint Tape is sanded on both sides to improve adhesion to the compound and thus improves the final joint strength. The back side that is adhered to the plasterboard is however rougher and the front/finished side is slightly smoother.

GIB® Paper Joint Tapes has increased strength, a better bond and a better finish, and this means less cracking which results in fewer call backs, saving time and money.

GIB® Paper Tape is available in rolls of 75m and 150m.

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