GIB Plus 4® is a ready-mixed air drying compound incorporating excellent taping and finishing properties in a single light weight compound that can be used straight from the pail for most applications.

GIB Plus 4® combines high levels of binder and sanding aids to ensure that the compound has excellent strength and adhesion to many substrates, while remaining sandable.


  • GIB Plus 4® is suitable for taping and finishing joints. Not suitable for holes/gaps greater than 4mm or 1mm deep.
  • Suitable for use over painted substrates, with appropriate preparation
  • GIB Plus 4® is the only compound recommended by Winstone Wallboards Ltd for hand applied skim coats

Features & Benefits

  • Excellent joint strength (in conjunction with paper tape)
  • Sandable
  • Use for Skim Coating
  • GIB Plus 4® is available in a 4L, 10L & 15L pail
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