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Ideal for repairing scratches, dents, nail heads and cracks.  This is a ready-mixed compound that can be applied straight from the pail.  It is easy to apply and once dry it can be sanded smooth ready for painting/decorating. If necessary multiple coats can be applied to achieve a perfectly flat finish.


  • Ideal to fill cracks, holes, nail heads, scratches and dents in plasterboard walls or ceilings
  • Designed for use in GIB® systems and create a homogenous wall or ceiling finish
  • Suitable for jointing GIB® plasterboard sheets as a multi-purpose ready-mixed compound.


Feature & Benefits

  • Sandable, paintable, low shrinkage, good adhesion and ready to use 
  • Low odour, low VOC content and no obnoxious volatile ingredients such as ammonia
  • Super slick to trowel
  • Low shrinkage and easier to achive a smooth finish 
  • Available in a convenient 2 and 4 litre pails
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