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Flooring Plywood 2400X1200MM PlyFloor

Flooring Plywood 2400X1200MM PlyFloor

IBS PlyFloor Flooring Plywood has been designed for use as a flooring substrate as well as an ideal substrate under roofing or decking rubber membranes. Being certified to AS/NZS 2269 to a strength grade of F11 gives the assurance of structural integrity along with the knowledge that this is a product designed for use in New Zealand.


IBS PlyFloor is certified A bond using an Exterior Phenol-Formaldehyde resin, emission class E0, complying with other international Low Formaldehyde Emission (LFE) requirements like JAS Super-E0.



CD: Superior grade with no knotholes and no more than 8 wood patches with limited synthetic repairs on the face. Surfaces are sanded with a 150 grit three step process.

IBS ARAUCOPLY Flooring has a plastic tongue and groove along each long edge.  This means no blocking is necessary under long edge joints saving time and money, and also helps reduce squeaking.

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