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MITEK Joist Hanger

MITEK Joist Hanger

Joist Hangers are designed for use where a strong, rigid joint is required between members meeting at 90˚, e.g. truss/joist to beam, or rafter to bearer connection.


i) Joist Hanger 47 x 90
Designed for use where gauged timber of 47mm width and up to 150mm deep.

ii) Joist Hanger 47 x 120
Multi-use bracket suitable for gauged 47mm thick timber up to 200mm deep.

iii) Joist Hanger 47 x 190
Used for gauged 47mm thick timber up to 300mm deep.

iv) Joist Hanger 70 x 180
A special size joist hanger designed for gauged 69mm wide timbers.

v) Joist Hanger 95 x 165
For use on gauged 94mm wide timber or double joists/trusses.


Note: Joist Hangers 52mm wide also available for rough sawn timber, and 37mm wide for 35mm kiln dried timber.

All of the above Joist Hanger connections should be fixed using LUMBERLOK Product Nails 30mm x 3.15mm diameter, or Type 17-12g x 35mm Hex Head Screws.

Refer to Characteristic Loadings Brochure for design values.
Available in Stainless Steel 304.

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