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Pink® Batts® Ultra® ceiling insulation

Pink® Batts® Ultra® ceiling insulation

A lightweight flexible thermal insulation product available in higher R-values R4.0, R5.0, R6.0, R6.3, R7.0




Pink® Batts® ceiling insulation is a lightweight flexible glass wool insulation product designed to:

Thermally insulate ceilings in new homes, be retrofitted into existing homes without insulation, or over existing insulation for better performance.  Fit easily into standard ceiling constructions, or be easily cut to fit in non-standard constructions. Meet the requirements of the New Zealand Building Code (NZBC) for different designs and environments


Features and Benefits

High R-values – R-values up to R7.0 to assist in keeping homes above 18°C as per the World Health

Organisation’s recommendation for a healthy and comfortable home. Easy to install – lightweight, flexible and simple design makes the installation fast and easy. Internationally certified for Indoor Air Quality – gives assurance that products meet strict chemical emissions limits. Non-combustible – will not easily burn in the event of a fire. Made from over 80% recycled glass-making sustainable use of waste. Designed for New Zealand building conditions. 

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