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Budget Plywood 2400X1200MM

Budget Plywood 2400X1200MM

When you need a temporary solution and cost is also important, then IBS BUDGET GRADE PLY is the answer.

Strong, thick bonded sheets that are ideal solutions from the construction sites, safety fences to temporary floorings and hoardings.

A non-structural ply that is used in a commercial or residential situation as a temporary use product or where you would throw it away after use.

Great for packaging or hoardings this grade of ply certainly gives you a lot of character on the face veneer.

The grade is best described as DD or lower, with some edge damage and not often but sometimes delamination.



  • Hoardings
  • Construction site fencing
  • Temporary flooring
  • Packaging
  • Crate construction
  • Sidings
  • Temporary billboards or signage
  • Budget factory lining
  • Shoring up damaged buildings
  • Boxing
  • Fruit Bins
  • General Industrial use
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